Why Athletes come to see me


inspired2#Inspired is proud to sponsor Team CBS and donate free NLP Sessions to help Chris Billam-Smith win the ABA National Championships. He is currently the Western County Champion and the next round is the pre Quarter Final which is saturday 16th March. I would like to congratulate Chris on making the ABA Final and even though he lost final by Unanamious decision he fought very well. I would also like to thank Jasmine Bolson for taking the picture.

I would also like to wish luck to Chris and congratulate him for getting trials with Team GB.


Athletes see me for many reasons. Some come to me because they lack in confidence and some come to see me to change their beliefs.

Here is a list of reasons why athletes come to me:

To install confidence

To change a limiting belief into a belief that will maximise their opportunities – e.g. they came to me with a belief of they aren’t very good with their back hand in tennis and they walk out with a belief of they can win a game with their backhand.

I can help stop ‘nerves’ kicking in before a game and to anchor a positive state like relaxed or confidence before a game.

there are many reasons why athletes come to me and it’s my job to make sure you are in a positive state of mind when you walk out the door of the session, so you are ready to compete in the best frame of mind you can be. 

Some football players come to see me if they are a substitute as they want first team football.

Reserve athletes come to see me so they can get the confidence and belief so they can get into the first team.

Mangers and coaches also come to me as they can’t motivate players. this is because we are all different we have different values and beliefs and some people have an away motivation. Others will have towards motivation.

You may find an athlete takes 20 minutes to get into a game – athletes come to me so they are focused from the start.


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